La cuisine est finie!

Despite a long and busy season at La Plissonnais, I have finally finished my kitchen. I’m really rather pleased with it, including hidden little innovations which I’ll probably wax on about at another time. Especially pleasing given that the budget was three shillings and two rusty old buttons.


The Horny Chef’s Hot Sauces


It had to happen. As an experiment I have been growing chili peppers this year, and my first batch of Spanish Naga Vipers (~1 million Scovilles), though only tiny, have the ability to rip your head off.

I intend to scale up production next year, and already have Brazilian Starfish (~50,000 Scovilles) and Candlelights (~5,000 Scovilles) germinating, to give a range of three fermented hot sauces.

The first, and original is the VERY HOT Naga Viper & Garlic ‘Orgasmic’ hot sauce, the second is the Brazilian Starfish & Lime ‘A Full Waxing’ medium hot sauce, and finally the Candlelight & Ginger ‘Candlelit Dinner’ mild hot sauce.

They’ll be retailing at around €8 for a 125ml bottle 🙂