About me

profile_pic  Hi there, and thanks for stopping by.

I’m Jon, aka The Horny Chef, a mostly self-taught chef with an interest in aphrodisiacs, and the numerous and delightful ways in which the things we eat and drink help us to (often decadently) reach for something intimate. I call this ‘passion for food, and vice versa’.

My day job is running a gastro B&B in Normandy, and rustling up luxurious catering gigs, dinner parties and demonstration sessions. When I’m not cooking, I’m writing. There’s my collection of food, and erotic, writing entitled ‘Pies and Misdemeanours’, plus my two cookbooks. Both are part cookbook, part food writing, part social history, The first entitled simply ‘Aphrodisiacs’, and the second an exploration of the spiciest side of the food of the Indian sub-continent, entitled ‘The Korma Sutra’. Contact me if you happen to be a TV commissioning editor who likes my idea of an ‘Aphrodisiac World Tour’. Mail me at jon@thehornychef.com, follow me on Twitter @thehornychef, or check out this blog for recipes, laughs, naughtiness and general misanthropy 🙂


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