(Hung like a) horse tartare


Revelation of the season was how well the thinly-sliced horse steak tartare (sort of cevichéd in lemon juice) went down with the four-cheese & asparagus fondue. 

Nom nom nom.


The Horny Chef’s Hot Sauces


It had to happen. As an experiment I have been growing chili peppers this year, and my first batch of Spanish Naga Vipers (~1 million Scovilles), though only tiny, have the ability to rip your head off.

I intend to scale up production next year, and already have Brazilian Starfish (~50,000 Scovilles) and Candlelights (~5,000 Scovilles) germinating, to give a range of three fermented hot sauces.

The first, and original is the VERY HOT Naga Viper & Garlic ‘Orgasmic’ hot sauce, the second is the Brazilian Starfish & Lime ‘A Full Waxing’ medium hot sauce, and finally the Candlelight & Ginger ‘Candlelit Dinner’ mild hot sauce.

They’ll be retailing at around €8 for a 125ml bottle 🙂